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Looking to earn some extra income? How about a position that:

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 ~ Lets you determine your own hours

 ~ provides free training

 ~ offers aggressive commission structure

 ~ provides residual income after the sale

 ~ requires little or no sales experience

 ~ doesn't involve selling some exotic juice or other snake oil


Merchant Guard is for you! We sell only what businesses need, and in most cases, are already using - credit card processing services. Here's the difference: Merchant Guard can save ANY business money on their processing services, we GUARANTEE it. If we can't save them money, we will pay them $500. It's simple, we have the most competative products for credit card processing in the United States


Here are a just a few of the advantages of doing business with Merchant Guard:

NO Contract

Guaranteed Lowest Rates

NO Early Termination Fee

NO Leases

NO Quarterly Fees

NO Annual Fees

NO Batch Fees

NO Access Fees

FREE Terminal Placement

FREE Mobile App and Swiper Attachment

And more!


NO sales experience required!

How is that possible? Our products practically sell themselves. You simpley ask the business for a copy of their existing credit card processing statement and forward it to our Customer Service department. They will do a complete cost analysis of their existing services and provide the customer with a statement showing them exactly how much they would have saved by using Merchant Guard.  The savings are often dramatic!  Who wouldn't want to give you their processing business if they knew you could potentially save them thousands of dollars a year?


Why not take the first step towards increasing your earning potential right now?


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