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Looking to earn some extra income? How about a position that:

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 ~ Lets you determine your own hours

 ~ provides free training

 ~ offers aggressive commission structure

 ~ provides residual income after the sale

 ~ requires little or no sales experience

 ~ doesn't involve selling some exotic juice or other snake oil


Merchant Guard is for you! We sell only what businesses need, and in most cases, are already using - credit card processing services. Here's the difference: Merchant Guard can save ANY business money on their processing services, we GUARANTEE it. If we can't save them money, we will pay them $500. It's simple, we have the most competative products for credit card processing in the United States


Here are a just a few of the advantages of doing business with Merchant Guard:

NO Contract

Guaranteed Lowest Rates

NO Early Termination Fee

NO Leases

NO Quarterly Fees

NO Annual Fees

NO Batch Fees

NO Access Fees

FREE Terminal Placement

FREE Mobile App and Swiper Attachment

And more!


NO sales experience required!

How is that possible? Our products practically sell themselves. You simpley ask the business for a copy of their existing credit card processing statement and forward it to our Customer Service department. They will do a complete cost analysis of their existing services and provide the customer with a statement showing them exactly how much they would have saved by using Merchant Guard.  The savings are often dramatic!  Who wouldn't want to give you their processing business if they knew you could potentially save them thousands of dollars a year?


Why not take the first step towards increasing your earning potential right now?


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Taking your business online doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

We offer some fast and simple solutions to get your "feet wet" on the web. Start small and upgrade as your business expands and your ecommerce needs evolve. 



Simplified Web Presence Solutions

$49.95/1x Site Template
$19.95/per Month Hosting
$ 9.95/per Year Domain Name
2 Email Accounts
Choose from 10 Template Themes
Upgrade at Any Time
30 Days Money Back

Premium e-Commerce
$499.95/1x Site Template
$29.95/per Month Hosting
$ FREE/Domain Name
All "Standard" Features - Plus:
Fixed IP Address
SSL Secure Keys
Shopping Cart up to 25 Items


Getting started in eCommerce can be intimidating. There's so much learn, so many options, and things can get very expensive, very quickly.  At the Anemos Group we belive that taking your business online doesn't have to be complicated, confusing, or expensive. We specialize in assisting small to medium businesses with everything they need to be successful in a web based business. Since you don't need to utilize multiple vendors for the various aspects of your project, each aspect of the business dovetails seamlessly into the other in one convenient and affordable package.


The Anemos group has assembled a winning team with over 100 combined years of experience in business, information technology, accounting, marketing, customer service, and more. Integrity, experience, and passion make the Anemos Group the right choice to usher your business into the profitable world of on-line commerce.


Getting online is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 - Establish Your Presence on the Web - Get your name out there!

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 * We offer a full range of web development services:
 * Custom Website Deisgn
 * Content Mamagenent Systems
 * E-Commerce Solutions; Shopping Carts, Merchant Processing Gateways, SSL, etc. 
 * Database Design and Implementaion
 *  * Domain Discovery and Registration

 * Web Hosting Packages, email, and more


Anemos Group is Your One Stop Web Implementation Solution!

The Anemos Group offers Discounted design and hosting for non-profit organizations. 



2 - Establish Methods of Payment (get paid!)


Anemos Group is an authorized agent of Merchant Guard - a full service credit card processing solution. Since 2000, we've been streamlining payment processing solutions for businesses across the country, including:

 * Customized Merchant Account Solutions for Business,
 * Government Entities and Organizational Needsacceptable methods of payment
 * Major Credit Card Brand, Debit/ATM, EBT State/Government,
 * Fleet and Gift/Loyalty Card Acceptance
 * State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology
 * 100% In-House Operation
 * In-House Customer Service and 24/7 Technical Support
 * 966% growth over the last 5 years
 * Process over 50 million transactions annually
 * 2 National Offices – Calverton, NY and Boca Raton, FL

Methods of Processing

 * Desktop Terminals
 * Mobile Phone Attachments
 * Virtual Terminals
 * Shopping Carts
 * Dial Pay

Acceptable Methods of Payment

 * Credit Cards
 * EBT – Government Issued Cards
 * Prepaid Gift Cards
 * Debit/Check Cardsmethods of processing III * Fleet Cards
 * Pin Debit Cards

What makes Merchant Guard different?

 * NO Early Termination Fee
 * NO Leases
 * NO Annual or Quarterly Fees * NO Batch Fees
 * FREE Terminal Placement
 * FREE Mobile App and Swiper Attachment
 * FREE Gift Card Processing & Startup Program*
 * Next Day Funding
 * NO PCI Charges2
 * American Express OnePoint®
 * in-House Customer Service & 24/7 Tech Support **

 *New Merchant account required.

 *Merchants must complete SAQ within 60 days to avoid Non-Receipt PCI Fee. We have a simplified site to help you stay fully compliant -


3 - Marketing - Find Customers for Your Products and Services


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Anemos ADvantage offers two major services for our e-commerce clients:


-PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or Paid Search - ad campaign design and management.


-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Organic Search Results Search optimization. 


We will design, implement, and develop ad campaigns on the various online media channels:

 *Google AdWords

 *Bing Ads


 *And more




Your first consultation is free and comes with no obligation, so it costs nothing to learn if you can profit from eCommerce and online marketing. Why not get in touch today?

 To reach us by via email - CLICK HERE  email-icon

 Or call us Toll Free at:  844-4ANEMOS - (844-426-3667) 1dc64b5261cbb83d8e34f438eb168ff6


Anemos ADvantage offers two major services for our e-commerce clients:

-PPC (Pay-Per-Click)  or Paid Search - ad campaign design and management. 

-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Organic Search Results Search optimization.


Online Ad Education Center



Are you new to online advertising? 

We understand that it can be a bit confusing with all the new terms and abbreviations. That's why we have incorporated the AD-ucation Center®. When you see a term or abbreviation underscore with a dashed line like this: New to online advertising? - hover your cursor over the term and an AD-ucation Center®  pop-up box will appear with a definition! 



PPC or SEO campaigns follow the same development process:

Initial Consult:  An ADvantage consultant will meet with your organization, either in person, or via telephone or video conference, to discuss your marketing goals. 


What are your short / long term marketing goals?  What type campaign do wish to prosecute? Examples of common goals are:

  • Online or Offline Sales - Ad  Conversion are a evaluated based upon actual sales of a product or service either online or at one of the clients “brick and mortar” establishments. 

  • Site Traffic Generation - Ad Conversion are evaluated based upon the Clickthrough Rate (CTR) to the client’s website. 

  • Brand Development - Ad Conversions are base upon the total number of impressions you are able to generate with your ads, thus increasing your product name in the marketplace. 

  • ROI Analysis - Determining the maximum return on your ad investment by evaluating the profitability of various ad campaigns with respect to cost of individual product - which of your products can produce the highest ROI with online marketing.


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Once we have a mutual understanding of your marketing goals, we are then able to design marketing solutions tailored to your individual needs. We will establish your m marketing budget, that is how much wish to invest in marketing over an established period of time. We will also become familiar with your products and or services so as to capitalize on the niche market targets in your ad campaigns. We will then enter into a mutually agreed upon Marketing Agreement Plan detailing all fees, services, and terms. At this time you are assigned a dedicated marketing professional who will, among other tasks, develop and manage your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Your ADvantage representative be your dedicated point of contact and will design and implement your Pay-Per-click campaigns form start to finish. Your Anemos ADvantage rep will work closely with his or her counterpart at our sister company - Anemos Web Development. Together they will share Keywords and Analytic intelligence from your marketing campaign for incorporation into the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) meta-data of your site. They also cooperate to give you relevant Analytic data reporting of Paid and Organic Search Results Search traffic to give you a clear picture of site activity and shopper/buyer behavior.




We begin your online marketing campaign with Google AdWords - the industry standard for PPC marketing. Google has developed a suite of research and testing tools that will assist us in designing an ad campaign that is optimized for maximum ad Conversion at a minimum Cost-Per-Click. We will then initiate campaigns with Microsoft adCenter  for immediate increase in traffic and potential revenue. Other Pay-Per-Click search engines can be added after we’ve amassed a performance database and consistent profit with these two powerful Pay-Per-Click search engines. 


Competitive Analysis Campaign Development services provided include: 13624464 s

-Potential Profit Margin-Budget-Economic Analysis

-Traffic Estimates
-Maximum Pay-Per-Click Threshold
- Keywords Analysis and Development
-Creation of Ad Copy (By Keywords, category, and active split-testing)
-Google and Microsoft Conversion Tracking scripts will be installed on your website.   




ad cycle




One of our Anemos ADvantage professionals will be assigned to monitor and manage your Pay-Per-Click campaigns. This individual will work with your team to insure that all of your marketing needs are met and overall project concerns are addressed. He or she will insure that your ad campaigns continue to perform well, both in terms of absolute traffic & Conversion rates as well as the overall cost of the program. The process of research, evaluation, optimization, and monitoring will continue throughout the life of the campaign. Our goal is provide ever higher ad relevancy and ad quality to insure the lowest possible CPC. In addition we will continue to work closely with the SEO and design team at Anemos Web Development to insure the optimal on site keywords and landing pages.  





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All  Capital  Marketing  Group,  LLC  clients  receive  monthly  Campaign  Management  reports.

These reports include:
-Overall Account Performance
-Detailed Account Performance by Paid Search Provider
-Historical Performance (Month-by-month)
- Keywords Report (Complete List, Recent Additions, & Deletions)
-Optimization Report (What we’ve done throughout the month to improve your results and control costs)

-Competitive Analysis (What your competitors are doing online and how much they are paying for keywords)

-Overall Financial Performance (assumes access to your detailed sales data)




Your first consultation is free and comes with no obligation, so it costs nothing to learn if you can profit from eCommerce and online marketing. Why not get in touch today?


 To reach us by via email - CLICK HERE  email-icon 


 Or call us Toll Free at:  844-4ANEMOS - (844-426-3667) 1dc64b5261cbb83d8e34f438eb168ff6